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Thread: Non linear PWM of LEDs
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On Wednesday 12 February 2003 01:53 pm, you wrote:
> I have been looking at Olin's program to get MPASM to generate a
> table. However, I can't get it to work. I put the text in a file,
> ran MPASM on it, yet got tons of errors. Many invalid characters,
> invalid operands, etc. How do I get it to run correctly? Do I need
> to do it within MPLAB? I'm a bit lost here (which is really the
> reason I tried to find my own way to generate the numbers).

I don't believe that Olin's program was a MPASM program. He didn't say
it was. He said:

> I wrote a program to generate an MPASM table of logarithmic values

Judging by the format and the syntax, I'd say it was some kind of
Pascal or Pascal variant.

Ned Konz

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