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Thread: [SX]: cheap SX 50MHz chip??
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Roman Black wrote:
> Does anyone know of a Scenix/Ubicom chip good for
> the high speeds but similar priced to a 12c509 or
> 16c505, ie a dollar or under? Number of pins and
> peripherals not too important. :o)

Higher then 1$, but I think it would be interesting anyway
From http://www.xilinx.com/xapp/xapp213.pdf :

...PicoBlaze 8-Bit Microcontroller for Virtex-E and Spartan-II/IIE Devices...
The PicoBlaze module is a simple 8-bit processor with an instruction set for basic control functions and data manipulation. This is achieved with just 76 slices and one block RAM. Even with a silicon utilization over performance objective, over 40 MIPs of processing power shows the very high performance provided by Xilinx devices. Most typical applications do not exploit this performance, but simply benefit from the small size and the design methodology.
When a processor is completely embedded within an FPGA, no I/O resources are required to communicate with other modules in the same FPGA. Additionally, system design flexibility is included along with savings on PCB requirements, power consumption, and EMI. Whenever a special type of instruction is required, it can be created in

hardware (other CLBs) and connected to the PicoBlaze solution as a kind of coprocessor. Indeed, there is nothing to prevent a coprocessor from being another PicoBlaze module. In this way, even the
256-instruction program length is not a limitation.

PicoBlaze has been used successfully by thousands of Xilinx customers. Many references to its use and alternative software development tools can be found when searching the web (search for KCPSM and PicoBlaze). The author welcomes any feedback from PicoBlaze users.

There are PICs in Xilinx too:





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