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Thread: Does someone want to buy some development tools?
face BY : Kari Lehikko email (remove spam text)

Hello everyone,

As this is not about advertising a product, I took the liberty of
putting this under [AVR]:

We have some AVR tools that we haven't used for a while. If you are
interested in them, please mail me directly, do not answer to the list.
(not subscribed to [AVR]: )

We have:
- ATICE30 in-circuit emulator 1650 euros
- 2 licenses for ICCAVR C-compiler 100 euros a piece
- STK300 starter kit 70 euros
- Easy-ICE in-circuit emulator (Flash Design Co.) 600 euros

Of course we are taking offers, if these prices (about half what we
paid) seem too high. All equipment are in working condition (in fact,
Easy-ICE has never been used) and have all the parts, manuals etc.
Please mail me if you have any questions about them.

BTW: We have 319 pieces of ATmega103-6AC controllers, if anyone is
interested in buying them.


Kari Lehikko
H.Vesala Ltd.

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<3E40CACE.842148A9@vesala.fi> 7bit

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