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Thread: Does someone want to buy a Picmaster emulator?
face BY : Kari Lehikko email (remove spam text)

Hello everyone,

As this is not about advertising a product, I took the liberty of
putting this under [PIC]:

We have an old Picmaster emulator that is not needed anymore. If someone
is interested in buying it, please mail directly to me, not the list.

The packet includes:
- Picmaster-CE Pod
- Probe kit AC165016 (16C62A,C63,C64A,C65A,C72,C73A,C74A)
- Probe kit AC165024 (16C66,C67,C76,C77)
- Probe kit AC175005 (17C756)
- ISA and PCMCIA (!) control cards

We think that maybe 1200 euros would be a nice price for the whole

All parts are in working condition (at least they were when they were
last used) and as you know, Microchip has lifetime guarantee.

If someone is unfamiliar with Picmaster, it is an in-circuit emulator
that was replaced with ICE2000. It has all the same features and works
faster than ICE2000 (IIRC).

Of course you can offer something about the whole package if the price
seems too high. We haven't used it for about two years now. Maybe it'll
find a good home with one of you kind people. :)


Kari Lehikko
H.Vesala Ltd.

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Subject (change) Does someone want to buy a Picmaster emulator?

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