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Thread: Pin won't turn off properly
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> > I too have had timing problems with the Philips 74HC123

> IIRC, several manufacturers include a cautionary statement
> in their data sheets, to the effect that 74xx123 parts are not
> sutiable for delays > 1 second.

I'm using a Nat Semi 123. Components were calculated for 8us
and by golly that's what I got. The actual pulse length is largely
irrelephant as it needs to be there just long enough for the PIC
to see it

If you want fun with CMOS try different brands of 4046

I did plan to do all sorts of SX tests over the weekend but time
got gobbled up by other things. Came across a tube of the old
SX18 and will try those too. So far it looks like it's internal to the
SX (hope not, that scuppers a fair bit of timing s/w)

What's potentially depressing is that the project is just a proof-
of-concept prototype. After all the h/w s/w problems are sorted
out (and it all has to be working 100%), it might not even be
useable. But that's what learning curves are all about

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