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Thread: Pin won't turn off properly
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Here's where I'm up to after some testing

To recap -

setb   ra.0
clrb    ra.0

As described yesterday, ra.0 will go high, then low for 1 cycle,
then back to high, even though it's not been told to (by my s/w


clrb  ra.0

will make ra.0 do the pulse as it's meant to

Now I find this is repeatable on any ra pin, and tried that out
on 3 different SX batches (new date, AA, AB or AC). It matters
not a jot what is connected to the pin. And, furthermore, it doesn't
even have to be a clrb instruction to the same pin. Any pin
activity causes a proper clear. For example

setb   ra.0
clrb     ra.0
setb    ra.1

or even

setb    ra.0
clrb     ra.0
clrb     rb.0

PortB doesn't seem to suffer from the mysterious Phoenix-like
behaviour. Small comfort in this app because rb is used as an
8-bit wide input buss

I've d/led the latest SX18 manual - not a mention, so unless anyone
here has a clue I'll have to drop a line to Scenix. Although after their
last attempt to answer to a query I might as well ask the freakin' cat

Now that I'm aware of the nature and extent of the problem there
are some work-arounds I could try, but it'll be a thorough PITA
with the code timing so tight

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