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Thread: Pin won't turn off properly
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Have you tried placing a putting a dummy load in place of the '123? and
watching to see if the pin clears properly? I know it would be unusual, but
the input on the '123 may be to blame.

Do you have this line pulled down? Any other h/w on it?

Have you checked this with other HC123's, from different vendors? I vaguely
recall a similar situation with a part in the same family - Philips, I
believe. The problem went away with a part from a different maker. I believe
at one point Philips discontinued their 74HC123....

> The problem is that s_ack will not clear unless it is told to twice.
> I've tried more NOPs, delays of ridiculous length (this is meant
> to be a high speed transfer routine), but only an extra clrb will
> do it. I've noticed this happen on another output pin that has
> just a 10k pulldown connected, and it happens on other SX18s.

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