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Thread: DTV penetration. Anyone here watching?
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At 10:56 PM 12/30/02 -0700, you wrote:
>A conversion to fully digital broadcast television (DTV) was mandated by the
>US FCC, but nobody seems to be watching. Does anyone here actually HAVE a
>DTV set? Do you watch DTV? DTV is the reason many prime time programs
>now appear 'letter boxed' (it makes the format conversion more direct. e.g.
>no 'pan and scan').
>What's your impression of this forced conversion?
>How is the conversion in the EC progressing?
>Just because it's 'digital' doesn't make it 'good'.
>Robert (safely insulated from DTV in Canada).

I think you mean DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) as digital television
itself is doing fairly well, from what I can tell. You probably can get it
from your cable  provider, or from Bell Expressvu or other digital satellite
providers even in the most remote area. The US has a rather lower cable
penetration than Canada, so DTT is more important there.

The presence of large numbers of wide-format televisions at Best Buy etc.
indicates to me that it's at least on the cusp of a mass market. My
neighbors have had it for a year or so, but not the HDTV option.

Here's a report on the state of DTT world-wide:


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