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Thread: Pushing LEDs to the limit
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Hi, Lawrence:

>I energized the arrays in order twice (Front, right, rear, left front
>right rear left) for 50mS each time, then let it rest for 900 mS.  Pulsing
>them twice gives an extra-annoying double flash.  I determined by
>experiment that 50mS was about the minimum time I could energize the LED
>array and percieve full brightness (using my oh-so-calibrated Iggle


> >That *does* sound nerdy-looking. ;-)
>Definitely high fashion if you are going to MIT, which I am not.  My
>teenage daughter says "Dad! Why can't you be normal?" whenever I wear it,
>and also any other time too.


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There have been numerous cases of epileptic seizures triggered in
children by flashes of light from video games. Some individuals are more
photosensitive than others, and the overall lighting affects it.

See, for example:-


(doesn't look like they tested duty cycle variations) There was an
article in _Scientific American_ many years ago- IIRC, some people
were set off by the flashes of light from driving under tree-lined
roads with bright sunlight shining through the branches.

It might be possible to *treat* migraines with certain frequencies of
flashing light. We're already seeing photo-sensitive drugs applied.

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