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Thread: Picstart Plus and 16F87xA devices
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>I've begun using the 16f873 for a project and was thinking that when I need
>to buy more devices I would buy the revised 16f87xA chips. After checking
>the Digikey catalog and then confirming what the catalog said with MPLAB, I
>was still surprised to learn that the picstart plus didn't support any of
>the revised devices.
>Could the revised chips have changed so drastically that picstart plus can't
>program them? I've checked for firmware updates for the programmer, but the
>situation don't seem to have changed.

The A versions are listed in my PICSTART+ menu. It's version 3.10.00, which
I had to get from the MPLAB, IIRC.

I upgraded the Picstart firmware in order to be able to handle the PIC16F676
chips, but I'm not convinced it is handling them properly - the calibration
information *seems* to be destroyed (I have not fully investigated this
issue yet) and you cannot program a chip without first erasing it

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