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Thread: From 16F84 to 12F629
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At 05:59 PM 12/24/02 +0100, you wrote:
> >>The 12F PICs are really misnamed 16F PICs because they use the same 14 bit
> >>core, not the 12 bit core of the 12C parts ....
>I had not thought to this point! ( I remembered myself that these PICs were
>similar to 12C509).
>I have already migrated the logger code on the '628 and it works apparently
>fine, so probably  will not too difficult
>the adjustment on the 12F629.
>Now, many thanks also to Wouter and Bob, the suggestions are those that I
>I think that, probably, the hardest point will be the very reduced number of
>I/O (on '84 I use 12 pins).

Look at the 16F676, which has 14 pins and is essentially identical to the
12F675 otherwise.

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