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Thread: FAST Low-Cost Programmer for 24LC256 I2C EEPROM
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At 11:31 AM 12/19/02 -0800, you wrote:
>I've got a client that is looking for a fast low-cost ganged programmer for
>24LC256 (32KB) 8-pin DIP serial I2C EEPROMs. They currently have a Microchip
>SEEVAL and a Promate II. However, both of these are very sloooow:
>SEEVAL ~3 minutes
>Promate II ~ 6 minutes
>This is a joke considering I've written code on a PIC18F252 to completely
>program this chip in about 10 seconds while doing a bunch of other tasks
>at the same time. They don't want to spend too much money on another
>programmer since they're going to eventually change to surface mount and
>I'll have to add some code to the PIC to program it in-circuit.

The theoretical maximum, ignoring communication time, is about 2.5 seconds
(5ms maximum write cycle per page x 512 pages). Communication might add
another second or so with a 400kHz bus. Plus another second or so to

>Can someone recommend a fast (< 30 seconds) low-cost programmer? A ganged
>programmer would be nice; however, maybe that's asking for too much.

Cost of time aside, it sounds like a fun project to make one with a PIC
and a few ZIFs. You could use the experience to debug the code that will
eventually go into their product, so the cost of your time wouldn't be
entirely down the drain from their perspective.

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