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Thread: How to obtain the official US time clock?
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>I really need to design a product that knows the official U.S. time, aside
>from other features. Can someone tell me what is required for the hardware
>and software to acquire the official time? And what kind of connections are

The NIST site has a nifty little application that sets your computer
clock to their clock. Not sure if they offer the source code for it. I have
it run then terminate every time my computer boots to keep the time within
less than a second of the official time (it takes into account that I am
in the Eastern time zone).

Of course once you start considering Daylight Saving Time and time zones,
there's no "Official U.S. Time"- it can even vary by county if you're in
a rogue state like Indiana. Or change compared to neighboring towns
a couple times a year if you're near the Arizona-California border.
At least the hour transitions are all at the same time, unlike Canada
which has the Newfies to contend with (30 minutes out of synch).

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