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Thread: Strange program behaviour
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In regards to the 50MHz drive issue... Even with an external crystal
oscillator, the internal drive still needs to be specified. At 50MHz, you
may not notice a problem, but for reliability it is required, and even the
oscillator manafacturers themselves even recommend having that gain present.
I cannot remember the exact reasons, but at higher frequencies, the chip
would not even run without having HS3 specified. As an example, when we were
testing 100MHz (the only choice you have for an oscillator at these
freqencies is external), HS3 was absolutely required.

Have you tried enabling the watchdog timer? You could then test the PD and
TO bits immediately in the reset vector to see what got you there. In your
loop, you then add the instruction CLR !WDT to keep reseting the watchdog.
If for any reason your code ends up outside of that loop, then you will end
being reset. At least you could try to recover, and that would at least tell
you that the code is jumping into the weeds somewhere.

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