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Thread: Winding Inductors - Success, Source for Cores
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This was my original post:

Thanks for the useful comments from several persons.  I can report success.
I've got about 25 wraps of 37 AWG wire on a Magnetics 0F-41003-TC toroid
core.  Circuit appears to work as well as the choke from DigiKey (cat
#M5826, JWMiller 5800-471).

I purchased the cores from Allstar Magnetics (phone 360-693-0213, variety of
manufacturers & sizes, etc.).  Their minimum if you pay with a check was
only $25.  All the others I called had higher minimum orders.  So I ordered
a selection to make up the order and they were very helpful for even this
small order.

This from Peter L. Peres was very helpful:
{Quote hidden}

But I've used a 1uF capacitor in RM's circuit - which blinks at about 1-5
Hz.  This is my frequency isn't it?

William Chops Westfield mentioned a thread on the yahoo BEAM group about
tests he did with Clive Mitchell's circuit
(http://www.emanator.demon.co.uk/bigclive/joule.htm>). I found those
messages...these are the ones that I found most interesting:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/beam/message/30400  (pictures)
(BillW noted improved results with an NPN ".Zetex ztx650 high-power,
low-dropout transistor.."
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/beam/message/30404  (pictures)

Thanks again..........DS

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