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Thread: Strange program behaviour
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> I think you have a banking problem. Buff1-Buff8 are globals 08
> through 0F which is OK. Then Buff9 is 10

Makes sense, and that's something I'll have another look at.
However, because the program seemingly works for quite a
while in at least some cases, I figured the compiler was sorting
out the RAM and banking. Feasible ?

Can you offer an explanation why the s/w and/or h/w would take
a definite time to fail ? And not fail above a certain pulse rate ?
That's what's got me. If there was such a basic error, then the
program should fail very quickly, possibly on the first iteration

> The line
>  mov neg,buff9
> means set neg (through W) to byte 0 in whichever bank is selected
> by the upper FSR bits - which looks to be bank 0.
> But if you set INDF to 10 then FSR is byte 0 of bank 1

Yes, understood

> Also, in one spot you set bit 4 of !RA which I think only has 4 bits on
> the 18/20/28.

That was a last-minute addition (which of course made no difference)
I just tried setting RTCC explicitly as an input, even though it already is

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