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Thread: Strange program behaviour
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I've a program and circuit here


that's got me stumped. As a newbie to SX it's possibly because
of something I don't know about them

The problem is that the program will trundle along quite happily
for a definite repeatable time, then stop. The time taken to stop
is shorter the fewer the pulses the SX is asked to put out

It will dependably output > 31,000 pulse/sec for 30+ seconds and
then stop. Or put out  > 3300 pulse/sec for 20 seconds and stop

However, at 62,500 pulse/sec it seems to run indefinitely. I haven't
determined at what pulse rate it does change behaviour, but I'm
not sure that would be helpful information

Any help would be appreciated, especially if it's something to do
with the way the SX is set up. I'm torn between a rogue timer (but
how ? - they're all shut off) or some kind of voltage build up that
eventually latches. The SX and TTL switching/propagation times
are getting quite close, and that may be some part of it. Perhaps
there are special remedial measures I couild take to improve
transition times

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