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Thread: String Copy in ASM
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If you are using C-like null-terminated strings you'll want to write
the terminating null into the target string. You can check for the
null after it is written.

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Yes, that's essentially what you'll have to do, as the PIC only has
one index register, you'll have to share it. It's even uglier because
everything has to go through W, so you need another temp location, as
you say, to hold the data. About a dozen instructions total, and about 13
cycles per byte copied, including the terminating null, unless there is
some trick I've missed (like the one I see that Tony has just mentioned,
which isn't general, but a neat trick nonetheless). Similarly you might
be able to do something with flipping bits of the FSR if the string origins
were appropriately aligned, which could leave w intact until it's

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