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Thread: Which PIC should I use?
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>Hello all,
>I haven't posted here for a while, but I'm starting a new project and
>need help choosing a PIC.
>I'm pretty competent with the F84, but I know that the preferred chip is
>now the F628.  The problem is that even with the nice features of the
>628, it doesn't appear to have ADC's built in.  What I need is
>something similar to the 84 in features, but with an ADC.
>What would you guys recommend?  The application is automotive, so power
>saving, etc... are not important.  I need to be able to measure a
>couple of potentiometers and sense a few binary input pins and drive a
>L293D's inputs.  I may also need to do some serial I/O, but bit banging
>is fine with me.  Volume is low, so cost is not critical.  Just need a
>16F type with about 18 pins and ADC.

16F819 (or 18F1220 if you want to go 18F) are probably the cheapest parts
that meet your requirements, but I'd suggest a 16F870 or 873, as they are
actually available, not much bigger and have more I/Os (28 pin 300 mil wide
dip) etc. (Or the 18F252 if you want to go the 18F architecture)

>Best regards,

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