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Thread: Which do I want: SX-KEY or SX-DEV?
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SX-Dev is pretty new (relatively speaking), and I have not personally used
it since it was first released. At that time it was pretty buggy so I gave
up on it.

The SX-Key on the otherhand has had some recent developments being done by
Parallax (thanks Peter Montgomery) to freshen up the IDE. That, together
with it's very elegant hardware programmer, makes a pretty good solution.

Nohau also offers a programming/debugging solution, but I would only
recommend that if you needed to use (or have experience with) the Nohau
Seehau environment.


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/ubicom/devices.htm?key=sx
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Subject (change) Which do I want: SX-KEY or SX-DEV?

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