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Thread: Fill Unused Memory with GOTO xxxx
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It's a standard precaution.. but the PIC has only only the exact PC size to
address the internal ROM, and the hardware stack wraps as well, so even
if you jump into a whole bunch of  addlw instructions (the unprogrammed
default of all 1's) then it should wrap around and do a cold start
within a very short period of time. It's much more critical with
microprocessors and certain other microcontrollers that have
von Neumann architectures, lack interrupt on invalid address, etc.

If your programmer is putting random crap, or worse, the remains of
previously used programs, in there, then it should be changed!

BTW, an "interesting" feature of the new method of doing OSCCAL
in F676 and some other processors is that if the memory is erased
and an appropriate instruction isn't programmed into the top of
memory, the PIC will appear to be dead- it will call 0x3FF or
whatever, find an instruction that isn't a RETLW, wrap around to
your cold start routine and thus rinse and repeat, ad infinitum.
The programmer is supposed to take care of this detail, of course, but
a lot of the unofficial programmers seem to be somewhat buggy by times.

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