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Thread: Design of single phase variable frequency drive?
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At 04:20 PM 12/7/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Does anyone know where I can find information on designing a single
>>>phase variable frequency drive? I will be using a PIC so this isn't
>>>entirely off topic. I would be driving a 1/3 hp permanent split
>>>capacitor motor. Thanks!
>>Unless your speed range is very limited, you'll actually be
>>designing a single-phase-input, two phase output drive and dumping the
>>capacitor. The passive network only has the appropriate phase
>>shift at a single frequency.
>I know companies make these controllers and they don't say anything about
>having to dump the
>capacitor to use them. See for example:
>http://www.anaconsystems.com/text/singleov.html .

If your application is *limited* to fans, rather than a general-purpose
drive as your initial inquire implied, the situation is rather different.

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