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Thread: SX18 internal RAM
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I'm a little confused by the RAM memory map of the SX18.

The map shows that $08 to $0F are available as global RAM.
Then there are 8 banks of 16 RAM, with addresses  $10-$1F,
$20-$2F and so on

The program I'm writing now uses 27 variables, and two blocks
of 9 variables each of those 27 would be most efficiently used

What would be the best way to organise this ? For example, do
I use an ORG for each Bank, something like

org $10


org $20


If true, then does this mean FSR is loaded with the RAM address
in each Bank as you want to access them, similar to the way that
you would with the PIC to, for example, copy RAM from one bank
to another

mov fsr,#$10 to get to variable1 to variable9

mov fsr,#$20 to get to variable10 to variable18


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/ubicom/devices.htm?key=sx18
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