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Thread: PIC16C628 ER mode
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At 12:01 PM 12/5/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Just wondering if anyone has used or can clarify how to use the ER
>Oscillator mode.
>I know the 628 has the internal 4mhz osc which I will probably use but I'm
>curious what exactly the ER OSC is. The spec sheet has a one paragraph
>description on
>what it is, and suggests between a 38K and 1M resistor but it never says
>what the
>result is.

Yes, that has been noted. You just connect a resistor to ground from RA7.

>It does say it for applications that are not time sensitive but that is a
>just little too vague as to the speed it produces.
>Anyone have any insights?

Jinx has made measurements, and posted them earlier this year. Here they
are again below. There are no guarantees, if you really need the time
to be within better than +/-30-50% of nominal you might look to some other
way, at least until Microchip does some characterization.

(credit to Jinx for these measurements)
These are practical measurements for 16F628-04

R Clkout * 4
2k7 9.40MHz
3k3 9.35
4k7 9.23
10k 8.44
22k 5.65
39k 3.50
100k 1.52
220k 0.75 MHz
470k 0.393
1M 0.192
1M5 0.124
2M2 85,600 Hz
5M6 36,400
12M 16,400

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