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Thread: 18F010 and 18F020 ???
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>Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:
> >
> > Hi.
> > When looking through the variants of PIC's at Farnell,
> > I came across something called 18F010 and 18F020
> > in 8-pin packages.
> >
> > What are these ? The Microchip web site didn't have
> > much on them. Are they "regular" 18F-series PIC's in
> > 8 pin packages ?
>If you ask, Farnell tell you they are 'obsolete' parts, which is wierd
>because I don't think they are invented yet.

IIRC, they are both, as they were cancelled. We don't (yet) need an 18F
in an 8-pin package, and parts such as the 12F675 are the 'replacement'.
That's my fuzzy recollection anyhow, there is one dead link on uChip's site.

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