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Thread: Wanted - digital camera "USB drive" reader
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>Yeah I know not all cameras take CF, but trying to do USB sounds like a
>problem to me. Maybe once USB2Go is up and running ..... I suppose you
>already have a USB interface non-removable media camera :))

I bought a USB <-> CF adapter in Hong Kong last month for peanuts.

No software required, but it only works with an OS that recognizes
USB mass storage devices (not Win98 original edition). With Win2K,
just plug it in and go. I have this device (which pops up as a
removable desk drive) shared across the network. I can run ACDSee
on one computer and have it do a slide show of the CF card photos
on the other machine. Cute.

It's not USB2.0, but give it a year or so, and they'll be available
and cheap, the biggest card I've got is only 64M so it isn't much
of an issue.

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