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Thread: ER mode PIC16F628
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At 06:41 PM 12/2/02 -0500, you wrote:
> >(There are also a couple of mistakes/omissions on the Pinout
> >description overview (page 11), none of which have made their
> >way to the errata yet.)
>Such as?

Probably would only catch newbies, but since a lot of such use
this chip first, I'll mention them:

1)      The fact RA4 is open-drain only when used as an output is not
        mentioned on Page 11, whereas it is on, say the 16F876.

        16F62x: Bi-directional I/O port/Can be configured as
T0CKI/comparator output

        16F87x: RA4 can also be the clock input to the Timer0 module.
Output is open drain type.

2)      RA6/OSC2/CLKOUT description says:

        Bi-directional I/O port/Oscillator crystal output. Connects to
crystal or resonator in crystal
        oscillator mode. In ER mode, OSC2 pin outputs CLKOUT which has 1/4
the frequency
        of OSC1, and denotes the instruction cycle rate.

        When this is actually optional behavior, so RA6 can be used for
        purpose I/O while using ER mode (there are two ER modes, with and
        without clock/4 output on RA6).

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