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Thread: Propellantless thrust using leaky dielectric assymetric capacitors.
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> They say propellantless, except for the
> high voltage DC powersupply...
> I think this, so far, amounts to something like
> a 'surface-tension' motor, or when you examine
> the phenomenom of surface tension of a bubble or
> a drop of water, you can make all sorts of fantastic
> projections, but so far, impracticle...
> we'll see...

Looks pretty impractical as a drive in atmosphere.
BUT if it produces even very small quantities of thrust in space and uses no
physical propellenat then it can be solar powered and used to position
space-craft in long term orbits. There is currently NOTHING available that
can do this. Even the very high Isp (aka high "fuel efficiency") ion motors
need some propellant which ultimately gets expended. This may be impractical
where external energy is unavailable but in the inner solar system it would
be unique.


> > Electrodynamic thrusters using asymmetric leaky dielectric capacitors.
> > Stunning.
> > Method of producing propellantless thrust using EHT energy source.
> >
> >         http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/lifters.htm

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