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Thread: Electronic gyros Fw: [AR] Gyro Hunters
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Claimed to be useful gyro building blocks (see discussion below)

Certainly look "fun" for experimental use.

But also see John Carmack's comments at end - and he has hands on practical experience (including manned rocket only supported flight, *so far* for less time than the Wright Brothers first flight).


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I am not really the electronics guru. I have a friend in the aerospace industry who pointed them out to me. The price was approx. 37.00 dollars each, and you need three. John made a gyro unit for his rc helicopter. He designed the board and firmware himself. He put the thing upside down and locks it in and it stays there, pretty impressive.
He will eventually be manufacturing some. He said they have a sample rate of about 90 times per second, and should be fast enough with the right servos to steer a rocket.

We worked out an idea for X, Y, and rotational axis control using only two servos and a link similar to what they use in tailless planes.

Been one of my goals to do this, may actually get around to it someday.

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 In a write up on their site they compare the different technologies employed in gyros. They claim to have solved the problem of external vibration normally causing the Vibration style to be ineffective. Have you flown this and or know of its use on rockets aka was it really effective in the context of the vibration from the rocket. How much were you paying for them?   Cheers,
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=gyro+hunters+EE%5D
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