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Thread: Do floppy drives have any error checking/correction?
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> Some idiot insisted in placing the 'O' on the keyboard next to the
> 'P', I saw the error, but was feeling slightly flippant at that point
> in time so left it in.

> Now who is going to buy me a Dvorack Keyboard no dyslexia of the
> keyboard there!

Oh, you mean like:

   Qw EW RGW sTKWZU id Viefm dyauarBXW UA EYRUKW, ....

E&OE :-)

Which my son came up with some years ago and I scratched my head over for
some while, but the redundancy of the English language was his downfall (and
it's really obvious after the event) :-)


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Subject (change) Do floppy drives have any error checking/correction?

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