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Thread: port noise complaint
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> > > When the revised code ran flawlessly, I felt like buying a Volvo.
> >
> > Mike Mansheim wrote:
> > At this risk of proving cluelessness, I don't get this reference.
> > Can you explain?
> >
> It was a reference to the (presumed) ethnicity of two of the
> respondents, and an even more obscure reference to "dum volvo video
> which has been loosely translated as "As I turn, I see and learn."  Not
> exactly rolling-around-on-the-floor-clutching-your-sides stuff, but I was
> too giddy to see my code finally working to have come up with anything
> better.

Presumably Jinx's allusion to "Portnoy's Complaint" (Google for that) was
either totally obvious to all or has been totally missed. I'm still
wondering if that subject line was a clever (albeit irrelevant) pun or a
complete fluke.


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