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Nate said

> > Was it truly put in a freezer or just an unheated section of a cargo
> > aircraft?  Or a particularly cold area of a cargo aircraft?


> Disregard, just saw the graph.  Interesting.  (GRIN)

As you can see from the graph, the date was about January 5th this year.
Being in the southern hemisphere here, that is mid summer here. Typical
temperatures here at that time are, as you can see from the graph, 15 to 25
degrees C. In winter we occasionally get frost and perhaps a light dusting
of snow once every 100 years or so.

Even if you assumed unseasonably bad conditions the sudden drop to about -4
degrees C and back again over about 12 hours suggests something gang aglae.
The slightly slower but equally large dips and peaks toward the end of
November are accounted for by a European winter.

Re Sean's comments about too much time on my hands - I don't always use my
far too limited time (only 168 hours per week) as wisely as I might but on
this occasion it was a paying job and I needed to be sure that the
temperature logger was working properly. Everything else indicated that it
was and the sudden dip remains unexplained. Given that there are freezers
avail;able for storage at the airport and that the parcel was stored there
over a weekend I am highly confident that I know where my parcel spent part
of its weekend :-)

       Russell McMahon

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