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> *>Mail delivery times are an inverse function of distance involved.
> On which planet ? Surely not on this one.

That was, of course, meant in jest BUT it sometimes seems to work
This was the theme of a SciFi story I read once (possibly Asimov?) where it
was ultimately found that over intergalactic distances mail would arrive
before it had been sent. Relativity of course makes that hard to quantify

My best experience of a local mail system working well occurred just after I
left university in a city 70 miles south of Auckland, the university city. I
arrived at work one morning and dropped a letter to an Auckland bank in my
out tray. The letter required a minor decision by the bank's manager).  On
arriving at work next morning I found a typed reply from the bank. This
required the original to be cleared to local mail, sent 70 miles, delivered
in Auckland, read and replied to by bank, typed at bank, posted and cleared
locally, delivered 70 miles, delivered locally to my tray. Not a bad result
for a 24 hour time frame.


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