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Thread: AC mains into PIC pin
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> > More like "generic" as in brand name that becomes eponymous for the
> > product
> > with that brand and then synonymous for all competitors semi-equivalent
> > products.
> Yes. I know what generic means,

ah yes, but there's generic, "generic" and 'generic'.  :-)

> and it's not exactly 'generic' in the
> true sense of the word. I was simply referring to what may be
> considered 'generic' in one part of the world may or may not be used in
> others. "Shop-vac" is obviously being a 'generic' in North America. So
> you call them shop-vacs in New Zealand?

There is a shop-vac sold here branded Vax.
I am so used to the term )(probably due to Internet exposaure) that I cannot
say how common it is.
My wife had no idea what a shop-vac woukld be when I asked her just now.

> I am sure you wouldn't place a post referring to "Chilly Bins" or

   Eskies, cobber?

> "Jandals" (sp?)

   Struth mate, yer must mean thongs.

Actually, I would hope that "chilly bin " would translate OK for any
reasonably competent Mentat :-)
Jandal has no useful linguistic content (I think).
Shopvac has quite a lot.
Thong may end up as an Oz bathing suit.


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