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Thread: AC mains into PIC pin
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> > A generic term that refers to a "wet/dry" vacuum
> > normally used in the garage or shop -
> Ah! "generic" as in "US term"
> Got it!

More like "generic" as in brand name that becomes eponymous for the product
with that brand and then synonymous for all competitors semi-equivalent

Similarly used terms with broader application than originally intended:

Cellotape, nugget (shoe polish)(here anyway), skilsaw, coke (all too often
when served some vile and inferior substitute)(as opposed to the vile real
thing :-) , IBM PC, Pentium, Swiss army knife (arguable), Ethernet
(according to its inventor), zip, thermos flask, zippo lighter ?, and, I'm
sure, many more.


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Subject (change) AC mains into PIC pin

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