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Thread: Help identify major hackers / Identify recent threats ~~
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> Umm, so the hackers who can't quite get into
> your system WILL be able to intercept your
> firewall data sent out afterward?? Sounds
> like a great way for hackers to fine-tune
> their efforts and see what's working...

Quite possibly:-)
The general thought did occur to me.

The broad choices, as in all such areas where one is under attack, is to
either hide in the dark behind closed doors (or hopefully closed firewalls)
and hope the baddies will go away, or join, albeit in ever so small a way,
with those taking action against them (Hamlet had a soliloquy on this *
:-) ).

The risk seems little enough in this case and the potential gains
(especially given the stream of would be invaders who seem to beat a path to
my door) to justify joining the contributors.




To be, or not to be: that is the question.
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