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Thread: Passing through zero
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> On pics carry is cleared on carry or borrow. Therefore carry will be reset
> after an add or substract that caused a msb carry or borrow.

   Or, if that's too hard to remember, just think of the Carry flag
   after a subtraction as a "non-negative" flag. After a subtract,
   Carry will be set if the result is positive or zero, and will be
   clear if the result is negative.  E.g.,

   A-B, where A is greater than or equal to B:  Carry is set to 1
   A-B, where A is less than B: Carry is cleared to 0


   P.S.  Sorry I haven't been very active on the list; I really
         prefer only to respond to HTML messages that have been
         converted to PDF format, Base-64 encoded, PGP-signed, and
         MIME-encapsulated using the ISO646 character set... And
         there just haven't been many of those posted lately.

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