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Thread: Newbie is stumped, SXKEY - "Programming Failed".
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Brad Woods said "So I got my SXKey in the mail two days ago, rigged my
breadboard, got some sample code to assemble properly. But no matter what I
do SXKey always produces the error "Programming Failed", two days and no
progress. "

Parallax support would be a better place to ask, but here is a quick
checklist, just in case it helps:
- is there actually 5v at the SX Vcc and is that connected to the SXKey Vcc
- is the Ground connected (SX and Key) and reading 0v with respect to
- are OSC1 and 2 connected correctly? I had them swapped for a good long
time one day.
- is NOTHING else connected to OSC1 and 2? No resonator or crystal or RC....
- are the OSC1 and 2 leads short? i.e. less than an inch?
- is the chip hot? Check all the other pins and then replace the chip.
- is the SXKey hot?

After checking all that, try another SX chip, then call Parallax on the
phone (they give really good support).

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