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Thread: Newbie is stumped, SXKEY - "Programming Failed".
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So I got my SXKey in the mail two days ago, rigged my breadboard, got some sample code to assemble properly. But no matter what I do SXKey always produces the error "Programming Failed", two days and no progress. I know I'm communicating with the chip and all that, it just won't take, I've read every bit of text I can get my hands on and nothing helps.

Any direction or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Here is the sample code...

device SX28
device turbo,stackx_optionx
reset start_point
org 0
start_point mov !rb,#0 ; make all of port b outputs
mov rb,#0 ; make all port b outputs = 0
sleep ; go to sleep

Brad Woods

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Subject (change) Newbie is stumped, SXKEY - "Programming Failed".

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