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Thread: Australia vs USA (was Direct LED connection?)
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> Emu is over rated. .....
> Camel is good eating if done right.
> Seen lama steaks for sale in the South Highlands(just south of Sydney)
> Snake tastes just like chicken (pretty close).
> Haven't tried croc yet, told it again tastes a bit like chicken.
> Had a mate who tried wombat reckoned that tasted pretty bad,
> MacDonalds were supposedly using Water buffalo here

Locals in Taiching (large city halfway down Taiwan), took me to an
"authentic" Mongolian restaurant. Very impressive - many separate "tents",
flaming torches, penned goats and all. Some food cooked at table in a boiler
in middle of table.

One dish was unusual. Asked what it was. Serving lady went away to ask.
Reply came back "Chickens eggs and goats eggs". Guess what.  :-). Tasted OK
I guess, considering.


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Subject (change) Australia vs USA (was Direct LED connection?)

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