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Thread: Son of simple step-up SMPS challenge
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> I have no intention of getting into the logistics of the control system at
> this point, but for a converting topology, I suggest the Cuk
> Information could be found at http://www.boostbuck.com until recently (they are
> now revamping their website) so google's cache is effective.
> This topology uses a capacitor as the primary transfer element, and
> becomes more efficient than conventional topologies.
> One possible disadvantage is that it is an inverting topology.  However,
> there appears to be an isolated version.

Also look at SEPIC.
I have been looking at capacitor isolated designs as possible candidates.
One advantage of such is that you can implement a boost-buck capability
where the input voltage does not "flood" the output when you change from
boost to buck mode or when the circuit is off. (Some simple boost designs
provide a direct diode path from battery to output at all times which can be
a significant disadvantage). A number of topologies are useful for only buck
or boost for secondary rather than fundamental reasons. Some of the
advantages of the newer topologies are more relevant in higher power
applications where stress on components or full utilisation of magnetics may
be of greater importance.


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