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Thread: Direct LED connection?
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> > Is this the same guy that wrote the infamous Microchip
> > app note showing 120vac connected directly to a PIC
> > input via a resistor?? <grin>
> Cool! Where is that app note? Is there one for connecting to 240VAC?
> Although, they'd probably run a little hotter on 50Hz :-)

It was a test input for a measuring instrument.
AFAIR the device concerned won a design contest. It was a clever piece of
work by a competent designer but that didn't make this particular aspect

It was potentially able (no pun intended) to both pump up the whole power
supply and violate the PIC operating specs. This was pointed out to uChip
but the answers I saw posted seemed to indicate that the respondent did not
understand the question or the problems. There's no reason that everyone at
uChip or anywhere else has to be a rocket scientist or that they will pass
something they don't understand on to somebody who does. In this case they
CLEARLY didn't. <<Flame suit? Who needs a flame suit.>>

       Russell McMahon

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