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Thread: Non linear dynamics of discrete time electronic systems
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>    "More than you hoped there was to know about the subject"
>    "Probably only for the aficionados."
> You would be surprised what any one of us could
> do - when we put the *full* resources of our time
> and ingenuity to work on a 'problem' ...

John Carmack is going to orbit :-)

> then again
> there is that vein of 'education' where one's end
> product is not so much 'product' as it is producing
> (literally) volumes of little-read, obscure material
> for others in 'education' ...

This particlualr material of Dr Feeley's is, of course, is not such.
The problems and applications are real enough, just more complex to analyse
than most would want to deal with.
I imagine that Scott D and a few others may well find it of some value.

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Subject (change) Non linear dynamics of discrete time electronic systems

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