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Thread: Another Moan
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Farnell are usually more responsive than that.
Ask to speak to the manager or at least some higher level entity and
politely inform him of the problem. Might work.

Also, if they look in their parts box they MAY confirm that the problem
exists with other identical parts and save themselves some future trouble.


Yuh know I just ordered two little things from Farnell (here in Oz)
they've arrived, and one of the things is incomplete - should be a
matched emitter/detector IR pair  - I've now got two detectors no
emitter doh!

After some hassles they are going to send me a returns note to
courier these back to Sydney from Queensland, and then if they agree
with me and can find out from Stock Validation Services (probably an
old boy once a week a job) that they stuffed up, they will then
re-order and re-courier them back upto me.

Great - the cost to me was $8.67+$11.10 courier fee - by the time
they've couriered back and forth  and investigated they might just as
well have sent me two emitters and be done with it.

Glad to know they are of ISO9001 standard.

cdb, TakeThisOuTcdb@spam@spamRemoveMEbarnard.name on 31/03/2002

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