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Thread: Counting shaft revolutions
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> *>Use a new optical mouse ($15), it can sense the minimum movement of the
> *>shaft rotation and can delivery it to you via RS232...

> Have you tried this for several tens of rpms ?

Using an optical mouse in this way is such a good idea that I feel I have to
test it.
Using a mechanical mouse and moving it all the way up the mouse pad, lifting
it, taking it to the bottom :"in the air" and repeating 30 times, then
moving it downwards, instantly produced a correct downwards response. ie the
mouse electronics did not "get lost". This was what I would have expected as
the mouse only has to send delta position information BUT there is no
accounting for the stupidities that can creep into software design.

Hopefully this applies to optical mice as well.

Sudden recollection - my son is using an optical mouse - quick trip to his
PC reveals that it also allows multiple passes in one direction without
losing track. Don't know how accurate it is over substantial distance. May
yet fail over a very long distance but it seems OK.

       Russell McMahon

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