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Thread: Is this in the right format?
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Changing the subject, I wonder (pointlessly) who holds the record for the
most consecutive posts to the list and how many it is?. This message is my
6th straight from PP. I see you did 8 recently Peter. (9 on 13/10). Probably
comes from offline replies and sent as a batch. Roman typically hits 2 and 3
at a time. I get the "occasional" burst out too. Maybe Jinx ?


> FYI outside NA nobody will dumb it down to 7 bits, the only expcetion
> being binary data which is always uuencoded or mime encoded. Header data
> such as user names and addresses isn't. If it would be it would break mail
> delivery in so many places you wouldn't believe.
> Peter

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<01af01c27c0d$397b5bc0$2301a8c0@Paradise> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=right+format
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