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Thread: Solenoid information
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Dave Dribin wrote:
> I'd like to use a small, low power solenoid controlled by a PIC output
> in one of my applications.  I'm looking for information on how to
> correctly do this, including how to step up 5v or 6v up to 12v for the
> solenoid using a switching regulator.  Pointers to books are welcome
> (preferred?)  as I'd like to educate myself on this subject.  I'd like
> one that has some focus on the "real world" use of solenoids and
> switching regulators, not just theory, though.  I'd like to know
> specific switching regulators that work well in a low power
> environment.
> Also, what is a good low-volume source for solenoids?  Digi-key
> doesn't carry any (that I could find) and Jameco has a very limited
> set.
> Thanks!
> -Dave

Dave, contact Point Of Sale used equipment companies, you will find those
cash-registers with spring loaded drawers, lock by a small magnet that is
actuated by the small current supplied by the DTR signal from a computer
serial port...

The mechanical latch can hold an enormous spring loaded force, but a simple
mechanical trigger device can release the latch with minimum force, in this
case, by the small current from the COM port.

You can buy those latching mechanism with the solenoid probably by cents on
used parts suppliers.

The voltage converter shall be a second step on this issue.

Have fun.

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