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Thread: Winding inductor for 2 trans. LED blinker
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> > The inductor used is one of the small barbell cored ones..

> Hi Russell, I think you mean "dumbell" ie, short
> with thick disc ends. :o)

Barbell = = Dumbell
(probably different words in use in different countries)

> I'm curious as these are normally larger and
> significantly more expensive than the RF choke
> type, surely at 22uH the choke type would be
> smaller and much cheaper? I've seen really small
> dumbell types but they are still about 5mm diam
> ends which is still bigger and (I presume) more
> expensive than the tiny choke type.

These are very small - about 3mm diameter and 5mm length with a small
ferrite "drum" inside with a slot where the wire is wound. We may be talking
about the same component.

Photo attached of  a 22uH choke with plastic outer removed - plus ballpoint
tip for size comparison.

I suspect these are about as cheap as anything available.


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