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Thread: Solenoid information
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> I'm trying to build a battery powered application.  I'd like to use
> long-lasting lithium batteries.  The problem... lithiums seem to come
> only in 3v flavors.  So I was gonna take 2 of those in series to get
> 6v.  Throw in a diode or two in there to feed 5v to the the PIC and
> other digital circuitry.  The next problem would then lie in getting
> 12v for a solenoid.  This is where I thought a step-up switching
> regulator would work.  I've read the data sheet on the LT1930:

Answers which would be useful:

What is the MINIMUM period between subsequent solenoid operations?
What is the longest on time?
What is the pull in current?
What is the hold in current?
Can you use a 5 volt one instead :-) ?


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