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Thread: Possible slow ISP
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Just downloading an updated version of AutoTrax (Protel look alike
1/16 the cost), and Download Express reckons 490hours 16 minutes.

Lines to the UK must be going via Pluto or something.

About 49 MB I think but that's still raaather slow.

I'd be interested in knowing
   How good is Autotrax?
   What limitations?
   What price? (Couldn't see a price on their site)
   How good is the auto-router?

Autotrax was the name of the Protel DOS based product before the Windows
versions so there may be some common history. I understood they sold the DOS
product to someone, which may well be these people?

AFAIK Protel is about $7000? here so 1/16 = $NZ440 or under $A400. Is it
really that cheap?

       Russell McMahon

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